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    Exam season has begun

    Last term was once again incredibly productive and enjoyable. Year 11, 12 and 13 students (and their teachers) have been working very hard for their exams, which are now in full flow! I am sure all their efforts will be worth every moment of revision time and we offer all the students our very best wishes! Our support also goes to parents and carers, who will be living every moment, I am sure! Please feel free to contact teachers if you would like some advice and support.

    It is, of course, all too easy to get wrapped up in things to do with revision and exams so we like to offer a range of experiences for as many students as possible. We also encourage young people to take on organising and leadership roles when possible. The latest edition of the Upton Voice shows a variety of events and it is great to see how our students have been involved; there is so much enthusiasm and energy for new initiatives amongst our students.