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DofE 2016

May Update
Students have been active in working to their awards this year for both Bronze and Gold levels. Year 10 students have participated in numerous training sessions covering First Aid, cooking and Navigational skills. They have successfully completed their trial expedition in May and are now preparing for the assessed expedition in June.The Gold participants have also embarked on their first expedition in the wonderful area of North Wales covering Conway up to Gwernymynydd.
June Update
Year 10 students successfully achieved their award by completing the assessment weekend on 25th and 26th June. The weather was favourable this time, as they battled through a lot of rain during their trial weekend earlier this year, so spirits were high. All students showed excellent team work and also the skills they’ve developed over the year were all utilised. The Conway Centre staff commented on how well prepared they were and their impeccable behaviour. Well done; all participants should be very proud of their achievement. Mrs Hewitt and Mrs Jackson are very proud of them all and would like to thank them for being a great cohort to work with this year.
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    May 1
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    May 2
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    May 3
  • June 1

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    June 1
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    June 2
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    June 3
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    June 4