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Upton-by-Chester High School Chester School Awards - Winner

Spring Break Update

As strange as it seems, this is my end of Spring Term 2020 message to our school community, even though the school is closed!

I would like to thank you for the many emails I have received expressing your gratitude and appreciation, for all of the excellent on-line resources we have prepared for our students. This means such a lot to us as we have been working hard to try and design meaningful and enjoyable tasks, which will keep our students on the right track for when we are eventually  ‘back to normal’.

I know that some parents and carers have found the volume and variety of work somewhat daunting, and have asked for clarification about what is an acceptable amount of work to complete.

We are using several on-line platforms as each department has chosen what they believe is the best option for learning in their subject, for example Sam Learning and Google Classrooms are an excellent resource for some subjects, whilst Hegarty Maths is used as staff feel it is more beneficial than other platforms.

We realise children will work at their own pace through this work and have given recommendations of approximately 3.5 hours a day for Key stage 3 and 3 to 5 hours per day for Key stage 4.  However, on some days this will not be possible and on others students may wish to do more; you will be best placed to judge.  

Our expectation is that students try their best and our staff understand that not all tasks will be completed; we believe watching a documentary together, playing a board game, making a meal or going for some exercise together can be just as educational (and needed) at these challenging times.

Spring Break/Easter Holidays; 6/04/20 - 17/04/20

We do not expect our students to complete the same amount of work over the Easter break as they have been doing, and recognise the vital importance of spending some time relaxing. I also believe that our staff need to have a break as well and ask that you understand and respect that they may not be as readily available over the next couple of weeks, as they have been during term time.

The school will continue to provide childcare over the holiday period for our key worker families.

Year 11 and 13 Qualifications

This morning we have received an update from the Department for Education and Ofqual, the examinations’ regulatory authority, regarding how year 11 and 13 students will be assessed for their GCSE and A Levels. I have attached the letter we have received for your information and, once we have had time to digest what it will mean for us, I will be in touch with further details. 

In the meantime I would like to send you all my very best wishes for a safe spring holiday, and hope that you all stay well.