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Year 12 visit to Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Manchester Galleries

Art, Textiles and Photography students recently visited The Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Platt Hall Costume Gallery, Whitworth Gallery and The Manchester Art Gallery.

After concluding our AS exams; Art, Textiles and Photography students were welcomed back to school with the  opportunity to visit The Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Platt Hall Costume Gallery, Whitworth Gallery and The Manchester Art Gallery. This trip would ultimately aid our transition into A2 as well as widen our knowledge of different artists and their work.

Firstly; we visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, here we were able to witness the work of artists such as: Henry Moore, Anthony Caro as well as many others. Overall, it was really interesting to witness and observe the sculptures in real life in comparison to looking at an image online, as it allowed us to take into account different factors like; scale, texture and material which gives us both a better understanding of the artwork as well as a further amount of appreciation for the work. At The Yorkshire Sculpture Park there is a plethora of different sculptures, some kinetic and others interactive, so there is plenty to observe and experiment with.

Secondly; we visited The Platt Hall Costume Gallery which exhibited the creations of Elsa Schiappaelli. It was interesting to see Schiappaelli’s work and how the different materials used created different textures and enhanced the detail of the costumes. Then we visited The Whitworth Art Gallery, which was personally my favourite gallery. The Whitworth contained exhibits from artists like David Batchelor and Nico Vascellari as well as displaying Sculptures, Textile pieces and Photography.

Lastly; we went to the Manchester Art Gallery which satisfied the need to look at both historical artwork and contemporary. Similar to The Yorkshire Sculpture Park the Manchester Art Gallery featured interactive artwork which offered us a wider perspective and created new inspiration for our own work when starting A2. Overall; the trip to these different galleries gave us the experience of seeing work from artists that we may have otherwise not known of as well as giving us a better understanding and appreciation of the art.

Year 12