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Art, Photography & Textiles visit to Delamere Forest

On the 29th June students embarked on a trip to Delamere Forest which allowed those with different creative flairs to connect together.

On the 29th of June my fellow classmates and I embarked on a rather amazing trip to Delamere forest. The students  who went on the trip were all studying either art, photography or textiles. This subsequently made a unique day for all and was an opportunity for students who had different creative flairs to connect together.

The trip was fantastic because of the knowledge I gained and the magnificent pictures I took. My ideas and beliefs for photography broadened and I absorbed the beautiful surroundings and subsequently embraced the nature.

The activities that the group partook in were building a den, textile bombing, and sketching various types of nature within the forest. The optimism surrounding the group led to us letting our imaginations take over, especially during the den building activity.

The teachers were marvellous throughout the day, thanks to the well planned schedule. We remained organised and structured during out our time at Delamere. Additionally the teachers explained clearly what our purpose was for each activity; however, let us independently conduct our tasks. I really enjoyed the trip and would highly recommend it for students studying either art, photography or textiles.

Year 12