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GCSE students make us proud with their results

Our GCSE results have contributed to an exceptional 2017 for exam results.

We are delighted to announce that 2017 has been an exceptional year for exam results. Following on from outstanding A Level results, GCSE results have seen further improvements.

This year, English (language and literature) and Maths are given number grades and we are very pleased to say that 18 of the elusive grade 9s were awarded to 11 high flying students, with Millie Burns achieving a grade 9 in all three.

Science results remained very strong with 82% of students gaining two or more A*-C grades and 100% success rate in the single sciences.

Headteacher Paula Dixon said: “I am extremely pleased with our results. Once again, our students have done us proud! In addition to the impressive headline figures, we expect our students to have made significant progress compared to the national picture. This is a reflection of all their hard work, the dedication and commitment of our staff and the support from their families.”

Some students of particular note who are each taking home a clutch of A*s and As are:

Millie Burns, Matthew Clough,  Ella Williams, Charlotte Forrest, Mark Graham, Chloe Manchester, Isobelle Dean, Bethan Cartwright, Max Conder, Keiron Booth, Eamonn O’Connell, Chloe Davies, Monica Rose, Becky Shepherd, Sophie Mortimer, Hannah Poole, Nadirah Miah, Martin Hunter, Charlotte Smith, Elizabeth McMahon, Alfie Martin, Cameron Moore, Curtis Rodway, William Humphries, Will Prendergast, Dina Islam.