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The show must go on

One of our ex-pupils, Juliana, has been producing a daily podcast on national and international politics as part of her University of Liverpool coursework and recently featured Alastair Campbell.

One of Juliana's modules this year was producing a radio show each week. Unfortunately this had to be cut short due to university closures. Not to be deterred Juliana and two of her politics friends decided to continue by producing a daily isolation podcast. (They have made 22 episodes to date).

They began to feature guests on the show and interviewing them. Last week they did a video interview with Peter Hitchens (now over 2000 views on you tube). Juliana reached out on Twitter to Alastair Campbell to ask him to be on the show, he did not reply at first but when Juliana sent him the link to Upton Voice with the article about his previous visit he replied with "I'll do it for you and Tom Heaton!"

Juliana and her friends recorded the interview and it is available on youtube ( Alastair was wearing the shirt that was presented to him at our school. At the end of the interview Alastair suggested asking Tom Heaton to be on the show. Tom Heaton has agreed.

A future confirmed guest is Frank Cottrell-Boyce, acclaimed author, screenwriter and writer of the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Well done Juliana!