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Mensa Test success

Our students have done us proud again! On the 5th March 188 students, from Year 7 through to Year 13, volunteered to sit the Mensa IQ test.

Results are in and 37 of the students who sat the test achieved in the top 2% of the population and have been offered official membership to The High IQ Society, a highly impressive result! A top 2% score results in an invitation to join Mensa, and there are currently just under 1,500 society members aged under 18.

Membership of Mensa is offered to those achieving a score in the top two percent of the population.  On the Cattell B verbal reasoning test used at the school session, the required score is 148 (2%).  The average IQ score is 100 (50%).

These new young members of Mensa will receive the monthly national Mensa Magazine and regional newsletters. Members can access hundreds of Special Interest Groups covering a host of hobbies and interests, and will be welcomed at social events, lectures and seminars throughout the United Kingdom.  The society also has a dedicated Gifted Child Consultant who advises on policies relating to young members, as well as developing resources to support gifted and talented programmes in schools, something the school is very keen to make maximum use of.

Assistant Headteacher Mrs Bradbury stated, "This is the first time that we have provided the opportunity for our students to voluntarily sit the Mensa IQ test.  Every student who sat the test has gained a result to be proud of and to have 37 of those students achieve in the top two percent of the population, and 7 gaining the maximum score possible is outstanding! We are extremely proud of, and are very keen to encourage, our Gifted and Talented students. When we return to school, after the lockdown, we will ensure that we celebrate their success".  

Of the 37 Students in the top 2% of the population, 17 scored in the top 1% of the population, an incredible achievement! Of those 17 students, 7 of them gained the maximum score possible of 162, with 6 students just behind them on 161 points.  In addition,  61 students achieved in the top 5% and 50% of all those who elected to sit the test, achieved in the top 10% of the population.

Mrs Bradbury added, "Not only has the test boosted students’ confidence it has also encouraged students to push themselves even further, raising their aspirations.  The test also had the added benefit of giving students a positive, enjoyable exam experience despite being held under strict conditions. We believe this positive experience will help to reduce the anxiety and nervousness often associated with exams".

Aileen, Year 7, scored in the top 1% of the population with the maximum 162 points.  She said "I’m really shocked and amazed that I was able to score in the top 1% of the population because I didn’t expect that this would happen. While doing the test, I felt quite calm and enjoyed it more than I would’ve thought.  It would be really nice if I were to be able to take the test again next year so I could see if I had improved.  I would recommend the test to others because it will help you see if you need to start trying to improve yourself".

Ethan Year 9 also scored in the top 1% of the population replied "I am very happy about scoring in the top 1% of the population as it will help me when I  apply to University. It has also boosted my confidence and helped me to believe that I can do it. During the test I was nervous but excited at the same time. It was a good experience that will be very valuable in the future. I enjoyed it".

Lucy, Year 10,  who ranked in the top 2% added  "I didn’t expect to score as highly as I did. I did the test for fun rather than in the hope I would get good results so I’m thrilled that I did well!  Doing the test was exciting because it was my first time doing an exam in those conditions, so I feel it prepared me for future GCSE and A level exams. I was also nervous to start the test but it was fun once I started.  Being a member of Mensa will give me confidence in believing that I can achieve things I wouldn’t expect. I would definitely recommend the test to others as it is a unique experience and it is interesting to find out what your IQ is".

After this tremendous success and positive experience afforded to students, we have decided to offer the test annually.  Well done to all of the students who participated, once again you have done our school proud. We are looking forward to celebrating your success on our return to school.