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The Quality in Careers Standard

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the prestigious Quality in Careers Standard for our careers education, information, advice and guidance provision.

The confirmation of the Award stated "Following the outcome of the Inspiring IAG assessment visit, I am delighted to inform you that Upton-by-Chester High School has achieved the national Quality in Careers Standard “fully meeting the standard” for its careers education, information, advice and guidance provision. This is awarded by Inspiring IAG which is a Licensed Awarding Body for the national standard. It is a well-deserved achievement that recognises your hard work and that of all your staff."

The Assessment Report concluded with this summary from the Assessor - "I recommend Upton-by-Chester High School to achieve the quality award. At this stage as you are working towards fully achieving the Gatsby Benchmarks this is judged at “fully meeting the standard”. This is an excellent achievement and recognises the quality and breadth of your offer. The award goes beyond the benchmarks and has a focus on the quality of your offer which is what we have assessed."