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Learners Buzzing About Reading

This year saw our school’s English Department get involved with Bookbuzz, an initiative run by Booktrust (the UK’s largest children’s reading charity) to inspire young people with a love of reading.

The Bookbuzz programme allows learners to choose their own, free, reading book, from across a range of genres. This year’s selection featured stories from acclaimed authors Victoria Schwab, Alan Gibbons and Karen McCombie, amongst many others.

Having watched the different authors introduce and promote their novels, learners chose their books: would it be the mystery and intrigue of City of Ghosts, the emotional pull of Some Places More Than Others, or the creepy horror of Crater Lake? Thankfully, this year’s selection offered something for everyone!

After ordering the novels, teachers were besieged by questions. ‘When will the books arrive?’ and ‘Have the books been delivered yet?’ greeted our English teachers at the beginning of their lessons for several weeks! Thankfully, the books arrived at the start of December and learners have fallen in love with the novels that they have received.

Learners have eagerly shared their reviews and impressions of their chosen books in English lessons and we, the English Department, believe there is now a real ‘buzz’ around reading within Key Stage 3. Harriet (7Y2ME) said that, having read some of her book, she is ‘already sucked in’ and Joseph (7Y2ME) added that he has really ‘enjoyed it’. In the confusion and disruption of 2020, it is wonderful to hear how much learners appreciate reading and reminds us all of the joy that it can bring to everyone’s lives.

We hope that our Year 7 and 8 learners enjoy their chosen books, all of which feature as part of the Accelerated Reader programme (more details of which can be found on the English Department page of the school website (Accelerated Reader). We cannot wait to discuss the books with our classes, once they have all finished reading them!

The English Department