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Visit of Natalie Bennett (Leader of the UK Green Party)

We were delighted to welcome Natalie Bennett, leader of the U.K. Green party, to visit our school and speak to our students on November 6th.

Natalie Bennett, leader of the U.K. Green party, visited Upton-by-Chester High School on November 6th. Her visit was arranged with the help of the Speakers4School programme. However, such was Ms. Bennett’s interest in the work and attitudes of the students at Upton, it went well beyond merely giving a speech.

Ms. Bennett was shown the work that the Eco Schools group was doing to reduce waste and make Upton a more sustainable institution. Later, Ms. Bennett opened herself up to questions from students, who queried her about a range of issues from the Prime Minister’s attitude to Feminism, to what a more ecologically friendly economy would look like.

Upon leaving, Ms. Bennett took to social media to praise Upton for the work of its student-led Eco Group. She was not the only one to be impressed by the day. Year 12 student Leah Winstanley said that “it was interesting to hear views from outside the narrow range of Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives.”

 Teaching staff were delighted. Miss Main, one of four teachers of Politics at Upton, stated that “this visit is exactly why we engaged with the Speakers 4 Schools programme. Our students were able to see a current national party leader. The experience not only provided them with the intellectual challenge that will develop them academically, but reminded them of the importance of a humane attitude to others. Such progress is what the Politics department aims to develop.”