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Year 7 Science Club receives Governor's Commendation

Club members were delighted to showcase their outstanding work to two special visitors.

The Year 7 Science club received two visitors during one of our recent sessions, when Mrs Dixon, our Headteacher, and Dr Reading from the Governing Body, informally popped in to have to a look at the activities our young scientists were enjoying. What a surprise they got when they walked into a full blown squid dissection!

Our Marine Biologists were investigating the squid and how evolution over millions of years has adapted the animal to be hugely successful in the marine environment. They were able to see how squids catch prey, hold prey and eat, and how they communicate with colour and move via jet propulsion. A great educational time was had by all.

After the session Dr Reading presented the club with a Governor’s Commendation in recognition for the outstanding work our young scientists have been doing. Our students have also been invited to meet the whole school governing body for afternoon tea, which has caused great excitement amongst our members.

Last week the air above Chester must have been sweet smelling as all of our young chemists went home with a fragranced bath bomb which they had made in Science Club.