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¡Hablamos en la universidad!

On Thursday 8th February, Year 11 learners of Spanish took part in a speaking day with the Associate teachers at Chester University.

The aim of the day was to set our learners up for success in their upcoming speaking exam by increasing their confidence of talking in the target language on the topics that they have been studying.  

The Associate teachers had planned some fantastic and engaging activities which our learners fully immersed themselves in.  Our learners also got the opportunity to have a tour of the campus and found out about the courses available at Chester University and how language learning can enrich your opportunities in life and your career.

Feedback from our learners showed that they found the day to be a great supportive addition to their revision.

“It was a very enjoyable day and I gained valuable experience with speaking during today.”

“It was very interesting to see the campus and what University life was like.  I really enjoyed having proper conversations in Spanish with people so I could see how to apply it in real life.  Definitely worth it!”

"I like that we spoke a lot of Spanish and had long conversations, I think it increased my understanding of the language. For example our entire tour was in Spanish. I also learnt a lot about university life which was very interesting."

"I really enjoyed the university trip today. I liked how we spoke in Spanish a lot which became easier as the day went on, I also liked the games which helped me to practise speaking Spanish in a fun way."

"I learnt new skills to help with my Spanish gcse. It was great to learn in a different environment and develop my understanding!!"