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What careers can I do with design and technology?

There are plenty! And we’re not kidding. Design and technology can set you up for a career in a wide variety of industries such as fashionengineering, architecture, information technologycareers in hospitality, and even education.

Popular careers for people with design and technology qualifications include, fashion designer, tailor, product designer, architect, software engineer, civil engineer, carpenter and chef.

What degrees and other qualifications do I need design and technology for?

If you want to study design and technology at university level, some courses require you to have completed the subject as part of your A-levels

A GCSE or A-level in design and technology can also be useful for apprenticeships in carpentry, construction, food manufacture, fashion and textiles, interior manufacturing, and engineering technology.

What subjects does design and technology go with?

Design and technology goes well with art, but also science and technology subjects, including physics, maths, chemistry and IT. When it comes to the sciences, having knowledge of how physical and chemical processes work can come in handy when designing different products. Including food!

The subject also supports the study of art, as sculpture and other disciplines require an understanding of how structures can be designed to support themselves.