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Design & Technology

The study of Design and Technology enhances the quality of students’ learning through developing attitudes of co-operation and collaboration.

It encourages creative thinking, independence of thought, perseverance, the development of craft skills and the ability to offer a critical evaluation of their work. It encourages students to think about safety and the need for discipline in what can be a potentially dangerous environment. Students learn to recognise needs, wants and opportunities within society and respond to these by producing a range of ideas and products.

Students learn about our technological heritage and about influence of technology in society.

Design and Technology prepares young people for this society. It enables them to understand how to think and intervene creatively to improve the world, combining their knowledge with understanding of aesthetics and function.

Students should build up knowledge and skills concerning the use of designing and materials in a variety of contexts and specialisms:

  • Materials (wood, plastics and metals)
  • Fashion & Textiles
  • Electronics
  • Paper and Board

Care has been taken to ensure that continuity and progression have been considered when courses have been designed in all three key stages and we use the Eduqas examination board to enable this.

At GCSE you are able to take

  • DT - Product Design
  • DT – Fashion & Textiles
  • DT – Graphics

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  • Miss R. Jenkins - Subject Lead
  • Mr N. Rigby
  • Miss H. Fullwood
  • Mr C. Webster  - Technician