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E-learning Transformation

Upton by Chester High School and its partners are committed to raising standards. In order to achieve this we are seeking to transform learning. We strongly believe that the use of new communication technology can accelerate learning and achievement by empowering teachers, students and parents. We are introducing iPads to our day-to-day teaching and learning at KS3, so that teachers and students can have access to a wide range of tools and applications to enhance their learning.

Our Aims

Our learning transformation aims to:

  • Empower students by encouraging creativity, problem-solving and independence in their learning
  • Provide an increasingly high degree of personalised feedback to students and their families
  • Bring students into closer partnership with teachers in the development of learning pathways and learning materials
  • Systematically share learning materials with students and parents in order to empower their support for learning anytime, anywhere
  • lace our teachers at the heart of a vibrant local and national innovation partnership where skills, knowledge and learning materials are actively shared and developed
Project Delivery

The project has been designed to deliver:

  • Fast, reliable wireless networking
  • A shared mobile device management system
  • Introduction of 1-1 devices into school and home learning for all students eventually.
  • Professional development for teachers and a range of innovation projects
  • Research into the impacts of new pedagogy on learning
  • Dissemination of research outcomes and support for other schools