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Upton-by-Chester High School Chester School Awards - Winner

EU Youth Parliament


What is it about?

The European Youth Parliament UK National Competition is a prestigious debating competition operating throughout the European Community. It brings out the best in sixth formers by recognizing and allowing for the development of a range of skills in particular teamwork, preparation, and communication. In communicating, the emphasis is on constructive debate - putting one's own point across clearly and listening to what others have to say. The 'European' element is thus evident in a style of debate very different from the type of confrontational encounter espoused in Westminster. But the issues as well are considered at a European level, in addition to the national, regional and local levels, giving those taking part a fresh perspective on the world around them.

Stage 1 - The Regional Selection Forum

The first stage of the competition is the Regional Forum, fourteen of which are held up and down the country between October and June. Taking part in a forum is relatively straightforward - once accepted to take part in a particular Regional Forum (with a team of up to eight students) the school is sent a resolution booklet with the resolutions to be debated. For one of the resolutions, the school team will act as the official "proposers" or "opposers" and will have to make two speeches, as well as replying to points, but in all the debates, the team will be able to contribute. Each forum lasts one day, The teams at the forum are judged on teamwork, preparation and communication (both speaking and listening), and the selected school will be asked to send a team of ten students (including all those who attended the Forum) to the National Selection Conference.

Students should remember to include their involvement in the EYP on their UCAS form as Universities rate this competition highly.

Debates take place through the medium of English. They are varied and have included topics such as: the Internet as a tool of democracy, Europe's responsibility for climate change, the challenge of globalization, protecting Europe's cultural and linguistic Heritage etc.

Participation in the French debate is optional and is not taken into account by the judges as this is the time when they leave the room to deliberate. Over the past few years, however, students have also done extremely well in this debate and we have been able to include comments on this in their UCAS reference.

Stage 2 - The National Selection Conference

The National Selection Conference is held every year at Durham University in September over a weekend. The teams get to write a resolution on a given topic in advance of the Conference, and they present their resolution in debate. The format is similar to that of the Regional Forum. The two schools selected at Durham then proceed to the international level.

So...why not?

Whether a team succeeds in reaching the international level or just attends a Regional Forum, those who take part always gain from the experience. During the course of a day, even the most timid gain in confidence so that by the end of the day they are putting across their point of view to a room of a hundred people - and they're enjoying it! It really is a valuable experience for all who take part.

Contact Mrs Loyley, Head of Economics and Politics if you are interested in taking part.