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Fairtrade Fortnight 2017

Fairtrade Fortnight started as we returned from our February half term break. Over the first week the pupils had assemblies for Fairtrade Fortnight delivered by Deputy Head, Mr Keegan and Yunus Hall Leader, Miss Noel. Each year group was informed of upcoming events for Fairtrade in lessons and the reasons why they should buy Fairtrade and encourage their parent/carer’s to buy Fairtrade goods.

‘The Hut’ (tuck shop) was open every day through the second week. Fairtrade reps helped out and supervised the ‘crack the safe’ game, where students paid to try a key to open the safe for a prize inside. The students could ‘Guess How Many’ Maltesers were in the tub and win the tub of Maltesers. The homemade Fairtrade cakes and biscuits, from parents and staff, were a real success, our helpers had to work hard to keep up with the sales, outside the Hut.  (see pictures on the Gallery)

A Fairtrade Quiz was set up on Socrative for the iPad as well as a non-ipad map activity… ’what is Fairtrade?’ and issued to the teachers to be used in PLaN (Pastoral, Literacy and Numeracy) time for KS3. Fairtrade lessons were held in every subject, over the two weeks, with competitions set up for some of them; Teachers were informed of the resources offered on the Fairtrade website. The students enjoy getting involved in Fairtrade Fortnight lessons so they can show off their skills.

This year we asked students to ‘Guess the Staff Banana’ and Mr Keegan passed the banana suits across to our ten volunteers. They donned the suits over the week leaving students wondering who the ‘Banana’ was today?   (see pictures on the Gallery) An outstanding achievement considering the cold, very windy weather.

Fairtrade fortnight culminated with Fairtrade produce, donated by the students, being collected together on the last Friday of the fortnight, for our Fairtrade Team to sort out for the food bank and care homes. (see pictures on the Gallery) Another wealth of benefit for the community.

Food hampers were delivered to Lesley Catt, activities co-ordinator at Orchard Manor care home and Joy White of Wealstone care home, feedback from residents was very positive. (see pictures on the Gallery)

A big thank you to all the students and their parents/carers who acknowledged this important issue and raised awareness of Fairtrade and contributed to Fairtrade’s mission in helping reduce poverty in the world. Locally our community benefitted from it and the school retained their Fairtrade status for another year.