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Upton-by-Chester High School

GCSE examinations 2018 (current Year 11)

GCSE students will be working towards the OCR Media Studies qualification. Currently 60% of the grade is dedicated to a coursework. Students will study a range of different aspects of the media including advertising, music promotion, filmmaking, magazines and television shows. Within their portfolio they will complete research and analysis of a range of different texts as well as creating their own finished media texts including a music video, magazine articles, an opening film sequence and print advertising.

For the examination they will have to prepare a case study and be able to respond to unseen clips and texts under exam conditions. The examination will test their ability to analyse a range of media products and include media terminology and theory successfully.

All students should have an interest in contemporary media whether that be music, film, television, social or news media. Students will create personalised portfolios and case studies which rely on their ability to be organised and creative.

GCSE Media Studies

During Year 10 you will work with a variety of media across the platforms to analyse, plan, create and evaluate a range of texts. You will complete your first Controlled Assessment which will be 30% of your final GCSE grade.




Autumn One

Introduction to Media Studies

BBC School Report

Learn about the key concepts.

Work in a group as BBC journalists to produce a full broadcast report.

Autumn Two

Music Video Practice Coursework

Work in pairs to research, plan, film, edit & evaluate an original music video.

Spring One

Analysis of Moving Image

Use your analytical skills to incorporate terminology in a formal written analysis.

Spring Two

Film Research Project


B324 Introduction to Practical Production controlled assessment.

Investigate the Film Industry and produce an engaging and factual presentation for the rest of the class.

Begin research for your Practical assessment - creating an original film opening.

Summer One

B324 Pre-production & Filming

Create a screenplay, storyboard and plans for your film opening. Film your scenes

Summer Two

B324 Edit & Evaluate

Edit a final cut of your film opening and evaluate your finished text.

During Year 11 you will continue to work towards your final GCSE grade with an analytically focused controlled assessment worth 30% and a final examination worth 40% of your final GCSE grade.




Autumn One

Analysis practice

B321 Individual Portfolio Introduction

B321 Individual Portfolio Analysis

Higher level analysis practice.

Begin the second piece of coursework based around a comparison of two advertisements with a focus on representation.

Autumn Two

***Mock Exam November***


B321 Portfolio Production

Complete Mock Examination based on analytical skills

Create a print campaign for a specific brand with original photography.

Spring One

B323 Moving Image Examination Introduction

B323 Section A Prep

Begin to prepare for the summer examination based around Section A: Action Adventure film.

Spring Two

B323 Section B Prep

Prepare for the examination with a focus on Section B: TV Comedy.

Summer One

Exam Revision

Structured revision for the examination.

Summer Two


GCSE Examination.