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Hire Our Facilities

Upton by Chester High School is a school at the heart of its community.  It is important to us that our community gets to make use of the facilities available.  The school used a third party provider to support all external bookings of the school facilities.  Further details can be gained by accessing the links below.

If you’re looking for space to hire in Chester then you’ve come to the right place. The school hall at Upton-By-Chester High School is ideal for a wide range of occasions including activities and events. The school hall is able to hold a good number of people, but it’s worth checking in with the venue before booking to ensure the maximum number isn’t surpassed to affect health and safety. For those people looking to hold a regular event it’s a good idea to explore the option of a block booking to guarantee a weekly spot to avoid disappointments.

If public transport isn't your thing, then there are alternative travel options. The venue is easily accessible by car and free parking facilities are available on site. This also makes it the perfect facility for teams hosting a game or event, as it means the facility is extremely accommodating for travelling guests.

Customers will be pleased to know that the venue operates a pay-as-you-use booking system. This method avoids the monthly membership charges and gives you the freedom to use the facility as and when you like, without the commitment of a weekly booking or a membership fee.

For those who like the security of knowing you can use the facility at the same time every week without fail, you can make a block booking at Chester High School. The very accommodating team at Progressive Lettings will help you to secure your preferred slot or if that isn’t available, we will help you to secure the best alternative. A block booking is a booking made for a set number of consecutive weeks, on average this is 10 weeks.

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