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Welcome to the History Department. We offer a range of courses and opportunities for our students both within and outside the curriculum. Our aim is to make what you learn relevant but also to give you the knowledge and skills to progress into whatever routes you want to take in the future.

Teachers in the History Department:

  • Miss E. Suter, Head of Department
  • Mrs A. Vianello, Second in Department
  • Mr C. Doherty 
  • Miss K. Main
  • Mr A. Petty

Email the department:


Year 7

  • What is History?
  • The Medieval World 
  • Britain 1500-1700

Year 8

  • The Slave Trade
  • Britain 1750-1900
  • The Twentieth Century World

GCSE History

Exam Board: Edexcel

  • Paper 1 - Medicine through time 1250-present (20%)
  • Paper 1 (environment)  - The British Sector of the Western Front: surgery and treatment (10%) 
  • Paper 2 - Anglo-Saxon Norman England 1060-88 (20%)
  • Paper 2 - The American West 1835-1895 (20%)
  • Paper 3 - Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-1939 (30%)

History A Level (Years 12 & 13)

Exam board: AQA

Politics AS Level (Year 12)

Exam board: AQA

  • Unit 1: People, Politics and Participation (including voting behaviour, electoral systems, parties and pressure groups)
  • Unit 2: Governing Modern Britain (including Parliament, the Constitution and the judiciary)

Politics A Level (Year 13)

Exam board: AQA

  • Unit 3: The Government of the USA
  • Unit 4: The Politics of the USA

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

These vary every year. We visit sites, enter competitions, and invite guest speakers. Here are some examples:

  • Year 7 – A visit to Conwy Castle
  • Year 8 – Imperial War Museum North
  • Year 9 – Thackray Medical Museum
  • Year 10 – Trip to the Battlefields
  • Year 11 – Visit to Berlin
  • Year 12 – Lessons from Auschwitz project
  • Year 13 – Visit to Liverpool University for research

Mock Council of the European Union, Youth Parliament, Peers in Schools (outside speakers) - such as Baroness Walmsley and Baroness Newlove.

Year 9 Battlefields Visit

A large group of Year 9 students made a thought provoking visit to the World War I battlefields of Belgium & France. Further details of the study visit, including insights from students and photos, can be found on the trip blog here.

Useful websites for Research

BBC Learning
History Learning Site
Spartacus Educational

Useful websites for Revision

GCSE Bitesize
School History
GCSE Revision including Podcasts