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Hospitality & Catering L1/2

This course gives learners a good foundation of knowledge, understanding and skills that are required by the Hospitality and Catering Industry and builds a huge range of skills including food preparation and cooking skills, organisation, time management, planning, communication, and problem solving.

The course is divided into two units:

Unit 1 - 40% The Hospitality & Catering Industry - This gives an overview of the hospitality & catering industry structure, job requirements, factors affecting success, and the operation of the kitchen and front of house.

Unit 2 - 60% Hospitality & Catering in Action - This is the practical unit of the course which involves learning about nutrition, special dietary needs, food commodities, menu planning, cooking methods & techniques and involves planning, cooking, presenting, and serving a variety of nutritional dishes.

The course is assessed:

Unit 1 a written e- exam which is taken in year 10 and can be retaken in year 11 if desired

Unit 2 a controlled assessment which involves planning, cooking and serving a menu under exam conditions

Please find a link to the website for the specification

The course involves a year 9 foundation course which builds learners' practical skills and understanding of food commodities and food safety.

The course focuses on developing learners' practical skills and an example of some of the products you would expect to be making include -

Pastry making - puff pastry, choux pastry, shortcrust pastry - making products such as chocolate eclairs, lemon meringue pie, sausage rolls, apple pie etc

Cake making methods -brownies, Victoria sandwich cake, lemon drizzle, swiss roll, gateaux etc

Bread making - flavoured bread, bread sticks, focaccia, ciabatta, soda bread, flat bread

Sauce making - white sauce, velouté, bechamel, ragu, mayonnaise, hollandaise sauce, fresh custard

Making vegetarian, and vegan dishes

Working with different meats and fish – chicken, beef, pork

Pasta making - making and tagliatelle, ravioli, lasagne

Foods from around the world - including jambalaya, chow mein, curries, fajitas, pizzas etc

Desserts making - cheesecakes, panna cotta and souffle if you want the challenge.

Developing your own dishes and finding recipes that inspire you to prepare and make.