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Upton-by-Chester High School Chester School Awards - Winner


UKIERI Cluster Partnership with 6 schools in West Bengal

UKIERI : The UK-India Education & Research Initiative

Following a successful application to the British Council, our cluster was accepted on the UKIERI programme in September 2009. This is a very competitive programme and we are very pleased our cluster was selected. Each India - UK cluster comprises 4 schools in the UK and 6 schools in India, making a total of 10 schools in a partnership cluster. The Chester cluster includes Upton-by-Chester High School, Newton Primary School, Mickle Trafford Village School and Mill View Primary School. The West Bengal cluster includes 6 JNV schools: JNV Howrah, JNV North Parganas, JNV Purba Medinipur, JNV Paschim Medinipur, JNV Murshidabad and JNV Jalpaiguri.

Find out where west Bangal is

UKIERI Project 2009-2010

FIRST PROJECT: Global Citizenship - Children's Rights and Responsibilities

1. UNICEF Children's rights & responsibilities

  • What are my responsibilities to myself?
  • What are my responsibilities to my friends?
  • What are my responsibilities to my school community?
  • What are my responsibilities to the wider community?
  • What are my responsibilities to my country?
  • What are my responsibilities to my world/to my planet?

Students across the clusters will present their answers in words and pictures, PowerPoint Presentations, MPEG audio podcasts,

2. “Beliefs in a Box” 

As a related Art project, ideas on beliefs, personal rights and responsibilities will be presented in a small box. Included in the box, will be up to 3 objects that represent the things the student values most in their culture together with reasons why. They can also include photographs, news clippings, art work and writings. This will provide a tangible impact as boxes are exchanged between both clusters.

SECOND PROJECT: Footprints to an Emerald Future 

1. Emerald earth

  • What can we do in school to reduce the negative impact on the environment?
  • What can we do to make our community more environmentally friendly?
  • How can we influence our government to adopt green policies?
  • How can we, personnally, make a difference in the world?

Activities:  written response, PowerPoint Presentations, Films, MPEG audio podcasts which will be uploaded on the UKIERI Project space.

2. "1 student: 1 plant" : a practical environmental project in every cluster school. 

Activities: creating a wildlife garden, planting trees, reducing energy use, recycling waste, conserving water etc.

3. "Global Voices"

  • To tie in with a student visit from Chester to Kolkata in November 2010, each school will work to produce an exhibition stand exhibiting work on protecting the environment and reducing the threat of climate change.
  • A competition within each cluster to design a logo for “Footprints to an emerald earth”
  •  In addition, each school will prepare a presentation to be delivered by students to a Climate Change Conference to be held at one of the West Bengal cluster schools.

UKIERI Project 2008-2009

Global Citizenship: Getting to know each other


India: “Home away from home” ( as the schools are residential)

UK: “My family and my school”


  • Power point presentations
  • Films
  • Photo stories
  • Photo albums
  • UKIERI display board in each cluster school 


SHARING IDEAS: “If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be and why?”

  • Opinion Poll on UKIERI project space carried out in all Cluster Schools 
  • Pupils to explain their choice
  • Outcomes shared on the UKIERI project space to facilitate analysis and discussion in the classroom. 
  • Final product: a book entitled “Listen to Young People.”

Indian students visit Upton-by-Chester High School

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