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Introductions from the Head of Year 7 and Pastoral Manager

Mr Wearden, Head of Year 7, 2021-22 

I have been a teacher of Upton High School for over 20 years, for most of which I have been a Head of Year.  The subject I teach is Physical Education and I hope that many of you will take advantage of the sports activities which will be available for you to participate in through our after school clubs.

In my role as a Head of Year I oversee the year group and support the tutors in ensuring that all of our learners are happy and settled in school.  We will monitor your academic progress, attendance and conduct around school.

I am very keen for all of our learners to involve themselves in at least one of the many opportunities which are on offer for you all.  This could be in sport, performing arts, charity work, Eco Schools or giving up your time in some way to support the school.  I am sure that there will be something here to spark your interest, helping you to enjoy your time at Upton High School.

We are looking forward to our new year group starting in September and expect that you will be very happy here too.

Miss Bardsley, Pastoral Manager Year 7, 2021-22

Hello Year 6 learners (soon to be Year 7 learners)!  I hope you are all looking forward to starting with us in September, I cannot wait!

I am your Pastoral Support Manager and have been at Upton for just over 2 years.  My main job is to look after you all, make sure you are happy in school, feel listened to and to help keep you safe.

We are really looking forward to you becoming part of our year group.

I have asked some of my current year 11s to describe me.  They have described me as:

Kind                      Caring                 Mindful               Smart                    Happy                   Supportive

You will find me outside on duty every break and lunchtime, wearing a large bright orange coat.

Please come over and chat when you are here, whether you have a problem you need help with or not.  I will always be around for you to talk to.