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Upton-by-Chester High School Chester School Awards - Winner

Key Stage 3

Students within Years 7 and 8 are encouraged to be creative thinkers, become independent learners, demonstrate perseverance through problem solving, and develop a wide range of practical skills. Students learn to recognise needs, wants and opportunities within society and respond to these by producing a range of ideas and products.

Within Key Stage 3 pupils experience a twelve-lesson block of Soft and Hard materials.  This allows pupils to develop a wide range of skills to develop and explore products to fulfil set design briefs.

In Hard materials students are introduced to an iterative design process. They will develop the skills necessary to explore a range of materials from Acrylic, High Impact Polystyrene and Plastazote in year 7 through designing and making an LED torch. Pupils go onto explore metal in year 8 through pewter casting to develop a keying or a small item of jewellery.

In Soft materials students develop a solution to store and or support a gadget, they learn how to use the sewing machine and develop a unique design using Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacture. In year 8 pupils explore and evaluate traditional decorative techniques, these are then used to design and develop a graffiti pennant to suit a user of there choice.

The skills learnt across year 7 & 8 create a foundation for pupils to build on when they select Design and Technology GCSE for the option in year 9.