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Key Stage 3 - Year 7 & 8

In year 7, learners are introduced to the Design and Technology workshops through a range of activities and focused practical tasks. Importance is placed on building students' skills, confidence, and knowledge through engaging units of work. During Year 8 a greater importance is placed on developing learner’s problem-solving skills to build on their knowledge and understanding.

Learners develop knowledge and understanding of Design and Technology through a range of processes including -

  • Develop practical skills through a range of focused practical tasks using: -
    • Paper and board,
    • Textiles,
    • Metal,
    • Wood,
    • Plastic.
    • Electronics
    • CAD/ CAM processes
    • Smart materials
  • Drawing and rendering techniques
  • Investigate new and emerging techniques
  • Gain understanding of properties of materials used.
  • Explore CAD/ CAM techniques gaining understanding of industrial processes.
  • Evaluate past and present designers
  • Follow an iterative design process to develop solutions