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Learning & Teaching

Learning and teaching is the core business of Upton-by-Chester High School. We aim to ensure that learners have the highest quality learning experiences. A clear focus on outcomes for our learners is essential, with lesson and curriculum planning that helps learners achieve to their fullest extent.

Our vision here at Upton by Chester High School is expressed in our school moto 'Learning to Shape the Future'.  This really does capture what is at the heart of the school.  Supporting every learner, whatever their previous attainment, to gain life-long enrichment and learning.  Learners' achievement and rounded success is a team effort which involves parents/carers, the school and learners working together.  Here at Upton, we provide opportunities to capture the imagination of our learners and allow them to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding to be successful academically and socially.  Learning to shape the future is underpinned by three areas of focus namely Believe and Achieve to Succeed.

All lessons at Upton-by-Chester high school are planned and delivered using our Maximising Success model of learning and teaching.  All lessons incorporate the phases of learning illustrated in the model above.  Learners and teachers Prepare for each lesson and there is a very clear learning Purpose. Teachers Present new information and learners have opportunities to Practise using this new information. We regularly use retrieval practice to recall Prior knowledge that has previously been learned and learners are required to Prove that they have met the learning Purpose each lesson.  Learners and teachers will assess the Progress and learning that has occurred each lesson. 

The Maximising Success model is bespoke to our school and ensures consistency in the highest standards of learning and teaching.  It is underpinned by the elements of the Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (TEEP). However, we have simplified and personalised the framework for our own school community. 

Effective learner behaviours for each phase of learning can be viewed on the following link. 

With your, much valued, perpetual support, we are a true community that nurtures our learners to be the best that they can be. Thank you for your continued support and for working with us to ensure our learners shape the future as effective citizens in a global society.

Mrs E. Bradbury

Deputy Headteacher

Curriculum and Standards