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Letters to Parents

This page contains copies of letters circulated to Parents & Carers.

  1. Download: End of year letter July 2024.PDF File

  2. Download: Welcome back Summer Term April 2024.PDF File

  3. Download: Invitation for Parent Governor - 8 January 2024.PDF File

  4. Download: Welcome back January 2024.PDF File

  5. Download: Welcome back September 2023 .PDF File

  6. Download: End of Year letter July 2023.PDF File

  7. Download: End of summer term letter 10.07.23.PDF File

  8. Download: Strike letter confirmation July 2023.PDF File

  9. Download: Strike letter July 2023.PDF File

  10. Download: Leaving dates and exam information Y11 and Y13.PDF File

  11. Download: Strike letter April 27th confirmation.PDF File

  12. Download: Strike letter April May 2023.PDF File

  13. Download: Strike letter 2 - March 2023.PDF File

  14. Download: Strike letter - March 2023.PDF File

  15. Download: Strike Letter 2 - February 2023 .PDF File

  16. Download: Strike letter - February 2023.docx.PDF File

  17. Download: CWAC Consultation on school day Feb 23.docx.PDF File

  18. Download: Strike letter 31st January 2023.PDF File

  19. Download: Strike letter 25th January 2023 .PDF File

  20. Download: School closure - bank holiday 19.09.22.PDF File

  21. Download: Welcome back September 2022.PDF File

  22. Download: End of Year letter July 2022.PDF File

  23. Download: Building letter 12.07.22.PDF File

  24. Download: End of Summer Term letter - 6 July 2022.PDF File

  25. Download: Free School Meal update - May 22.PDF File

  26. Download: Parent update - 31 March 2022.PDF File

  27. Download: End of first half of spring term letter to parents - Feb 2022.PDF File

  28. Download: Exam Advanced Information for Parents.PDF File

  29. Download: Face coverings update - 19 January 2022.PDF File

  30. Download: Parent Update - 11 January 2022.PDF File

  31. Download: Headteacher Update - 3 January 2022.PDF File