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Upton-by-Chester High School


Our Aim

We aim to provide well planned and organised Mathematics lessons, using a range of resources that engage and challenge all students within a safe, pleasant and stimulating physical and emotional learning environment.

Students are set by ability throughout their time at Upton. Interactive whole class teaching engages and challenges students of all abilities. Lessons are enhanced by the use of group work, relevant problem solving activities and contexts, investigations and rich tasks.


  • Mr J. Biard, Head of Mathematics
  • Mrs S. Christianson, Second in Mathematics, responsible for KS4
  • Miss E. Baker, responsible for KS3 
  • Mr B. Jones, responsible for KS5
  • Mr G. Cadman
  • Mrs A. Evans
  • Mr S. Fox
  • Mr M. Jones
  • Miss J. O'Neill
  • Mrs S. Risi
  • Miss K. Spencer
  • Mrs E. Thompson
  • Miss J. Toland
  • Miss K. Wilson (currently on maternity leave)

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Key Stage 3

Students study aspects of number, algebra, shape and space and data handling as well as the use and application of Mathematics. For more detailed information follow the links on this webpage.

Key Stage 4

Students at Key Stage 4 study in greater depth the same aspects of Mathematics that are taught at Key Stage 3. All students are assessed against the Edexcel GSCE specification (grades 9 - 1). Assessment is by examination at the end of Year 11. Students take three papers, each 1 hour 30 minutes. The first paper is a non-calculator paper, the second and third allow the use of a calculator. For more detailed information follow the links on this webpage.

6th Form

Students may choose to study A level Mathematics and are assessed against the Edexcel specification. All students study Pure Mathematics topics, such as higher algebra, trigonometry and calculus, as well as applications: Mechanics and Statistics. Some students study a second A level in Mathematics, called Further Mathematics. These students study further topics in Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics.

Homework in Mathematics

Students are set homework on a regular basis within the two week timetable cycle. Homework may take a number of forms: exercise questions to consolidate understanding, revision questions, preparation for assessment tests, investigational work, research or planning tasks for subsequent lessons, on-line “My Maths” homework. The amount of homework set depends on the age and ability of the student.

Marking and feedback in Mathematics

Classwork may be marked for accuracy by the students themselves or by their peers, this gives immediate feedback and allows the teacher to assess progress and focus subsequent learning efficiently. Homework may be marked for accuracy in a similar way. Students mark using pencil or pen of a colour different to that used for the work and NOT green. Teachers mark and give feedback in green pen. Students will be encouraged to reflect on their homework and make corrections using a purple pen. On-line homework is electronically marked. Homework is not graded. Much feedback offered to students is verbal. Written feedback might be offered on individual student's homework or class work to identify successes, indicate errors and give guidance or worked examples so that further progress can be made. Where homework reveals that a number of students share a misconception, this is most effectively addressed through verbal feedback and further exercises in a subsequent lesson. Corrected spellings should be copied once.

Some staff within the department are conducting a feedback trial.  Please refer to the Feedback Trial Guidelines for further information.

Feedback codes may be the used in students' books as follows:

sp: spelling (mathematical terms)
gr: grammar (requires rewriting)
sw: show working
u: underline
d: date missing
t: title missing
p: use a pencil
r: use a rule

Other information

Students require the following equipment for their Mathematics lessons: pen, pencil, ruler, eraser, compasses, protractor and scientific calculator (suitable calculators may be purchased from the school shop). Students who attend lessons without being fully equipped cause disruption to the learning of others, we hope to avoid this where possible.

The department subscribes to “My Maths” an Internet resource which contains interactive lessons on topics from Key Stage 3 to A level. Students can access these when they wish to undertake independent learning, revision or just catch up during and after absences. All students are given the school’s password and can login as uptonbc at from home.

Useful Websites