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The following information relates to the learning and teaching of mathematics at Upton-by-Chester High School.

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National Curriculum Mathematics KS3 and KS4

A level Mathematics and A level Further Mathematics


Through the study of Mathematics our learners will have the opportunity to develop aspects of their character such as resilience, perseverance, confidence, curiosity and independence.  They will develop skills such as: problem solving, reasoning, communicating mathematically, logical thinking and number sense.  Our learners deserve a creative and ambitious mathematics curriculum, rich in skills and knowledge, which develops understanding of the structures within mathematics, ignites curiosity, builds confidence and self-esteem.  Our curriculum and our teaching approach is inclusive, no one is excluded on account of their race, ethnicity, culture, religious beliefs, gender, disability or social disadvantage. The curriculum and resources used ensure that all learners see themselves represented within these resources and are relevant to all.  There is a strong focus on inclusive teaching for disadvantaged learners.  Learners will develop the capacity to apply their problem solving skills and mathematical knowledge to life beyond school, they will become successful citizens, contribute to society and live fulfilled lives. 

In mathematics learners:

- develop their knowledge and understanding of personal finance. 

- are made aware of how mathematics is used in the workplace.

- are encouraged to think critically about data that is presented to them. 

- are encouraged to utilise their mathematical skills in other subject areas.

- are made aware of the history of mathematics.

Key Stage 3

Learners study aspects of number, algebra, shape and space and data handling as well as the use and application of Mathematics. For more detailed information follow the links on this webpage.

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Key Stage 4

Learners at Key Stage 4 study in greater depth the same aspects of Mathematics that are taught at Key Stage 3. All learners are assessed against the Edexcel GSCE specification (grades 9 - 1). Assessment is by examination at the end of Year 11. Learners take three papers, each 1 hour 30 minutes. The first paper is a non-calculator paper, the second and third allow the use of a calculator. For more detailed information follow the links on this webpage.

Year 10

Year 11

Key Stage 5

Learners may choose to study A level Mathematics and are assessed against the Edexcel specification. All learners study Pure Mathematics topics, such as higher algebra, trigonometry and calculus, as well as applications: Mechanics and Statistics. Some learners study a second A level in Mathematics, called Further Mathematics. These learners study further topics in Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics. For more detailed information follow the link on this webpage.



Learners are able to take part in competitions appropriate to their age such as Mathematical Education on Merseyside and UKMT in sixth form.

Staff & Responsibilities

  • Mr J. Biard, Head of Mathematics
  • Mrs S. Christianson, Second in Mathematics, responsible for KS4
  • Miss E. Baker, responsible for KS3 
  • Mr B. Jones, responsible for KS5
  • Mr G. Cadman
  • Miss T. Cartmell
  • Mrs A. Evans
  • Mr S. Fox
  • Mr M. Jones
  • Miss R. Steer
  • Mrs E. Thompson
  • Mr S. Togher
  • Miss J. Toland
  • Miss K. Wilson


Please refer to our whole school homework policy.


In Year 7 assessments take place in October, January, March and June.

In Year 8 assessments take place in October, November, January, March and June.

In Years 9, 10 and 11, assessments take place after each module.

2023-2024 Upton by Chester Assessment Schedule

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