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Our Mission

We aim to broaden the students’ understanding and knowledge of contemporary media texts from traditional print, film and television to developing new media technologies.

Media students need to be enthusiastic consumers of a range of current media platforms. We want students who like to visit the cinema, keep up to date with current affairs, view a range of television shows and read a variety of newspapers and magazines.

We want our students to become well rounded individuals who learn to study the media from a critical and unbiased view. We have a strong emphasis on creativity and originality within the department and half of the course involves students creating their own authentic and fully functioning media texts, film scenes, TV credits, magazine articles and websites.

We hope that students who choose to study the media do so with an open mind and have a thirst for knowledge that extends outside of the classroom.

Miss C. Seery – Head of Media Studies
Mrs A. Hewitt – Media Studies and English teacher

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