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Within the music department, we aim to offer a practical based and enjoyable experience of music making in the 21st Century. All staff are fully committed to the delivery of exciting and inspirational lessons, enriched by a full and varied extra-curricular timetable.


  • Miss C. A. Thompson - Head of Music
  • Mrs J. Williams - Flute
  • Ms Fillhart - Clarinet/Saxophone  
  • Mr A. Miller - Guitar
  • Ms C. Miclaus - Voice
  • Mr M. Williams - Piano/Keyboard
  • Mr S. Sharrock - Drums

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Key Stage 3
Pupils study music within UNITS of study.

Year 7

  • Unit 1: Experimental Music
  • Unit 2: Melody, Pitch, and Rhythm
  • Unit 3: Musical Journeys
  • Unit 4: Ensemble Work
  • Unit 5: Rhythm around the World
  • Unit 6: Films and Soundtracks

Year 8

  • Unit 1: Music in Advertising
  • Unit 2: Nationalism and Programme Music
  • Unit 3: Structures and Forms
  • Unit 4: Dance Music around the World
  • Unit 5: Opera versus Musicals
  • Unit 6: Computer Generated Sound

Year 9

  • Unit 1: Chords and Melody
  • Unit 2: Theme and Variations
  • Unit 3: Rhythm, Bass and Background
  • Unit 4: Technology or not!
  • Unit 5: 19th and 20th Century Music
  • Unit 6: History of Pop

The curriculum at Upton is delivered under the 3 key areas of Composing, Performing and Listening. Pupils are assessed in each area every term.

GCSE and A Level

Music is offered at GCSE level, studied through the AQA syllabus, and A Level, studied through WJEC.

Extra-Curriculur Activities

At Upton, there is the opportunity to extend pupil’s music studies through extra-curricular activities. Some of the clubs offered are:

  • Senior Band
  • Junior Band
  • Senior Flute Ensemble
  • Junior Flute Ensemble
  • Choir
  • Ukulele Group
  • Guitar Group
  • Senior Clarinet Group
  • Clarinet Quintet
  • Year 7 Choir
  • Music Theatre Group
  • Music Theory Group

The Music Department has an open-door policy, where pupils are actively encouraged to “pop in” during their lunch times and break times to rehearse. Fledgling bands are actively encouraged to make use of the new drum kit on a rota system.

Please click here for further details of the school's extra-curricular timetable.


The Music Department sets homework in line with the whole school policy.Homework is set according to the nature of the lesson, and will include research, further study and completion of classwork.