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Pupil Premium


The pupil premium is additional funding that schools in England receive to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers.

The grant per eligible pupil will be £1320 for the current financial year. There is an additional grant of £1900 for all Looked After children.

Pupil Premium funding is targeted at those pupils who are:

  • Entitled to Free school meals - or have been entitled in the last 6 years (Ever 6)
  • Looked After Children in the care of the Local Authority
  • Children from Service families (This is Services Pupil Premium and due to the number of families in receipt of this at Upton-by-Chester High School we administer this grant separately).

Upton by Chester High School

Upton-by-Chester High School is committed to reducing the gap between the performance of Disadvantaged and Non-Disadvantaged learners.  This aim is clearly embedded in all the work that we do as a school. 

Every member of staff has a responsibility that this is foremost in the minds when undertaking any role within the school.  The Director of Emotional Health and Safeguarding has a strategic overview of this area and each of the Directors of Key Stage are responsible for the performance of Disadvantaged learners in their key stage both in terms of emotional health, behaviour and attainment / progress.

The main areas of focus are;

  1. Improving the attendance and punctuality of all learners to school.
  2. Delivering high quality learning and teaching through our ‘maximising success’ model.
  3. Increasing the level of literacy across the whole school with a particular focus on reading.  Ensuring that all learners are able to be both confident and fluent readers and know and use appropriate tier two and three vocabulary across the curriculum.
  4. Delivering high quality and impactful interventions to learners across the Key Stages, where required, to boost performance.

Service Pupil premium (£16,430 for the 2021/22 Financial Year)

Here at Upton High, we welcome learners whose families come from a military background. We are proud of our links with the local army barracks and always aim to ensure that the service learners in our school receive support which enables them to succeed.

Army Education Trust (£14,640 for the 2021/22 Academic Year)

Through the Armed Forces Education Trust grant, we have been able to hire a service-learning mentor who can work with our learners to support their emotional wellbeing and academic performance. The mentor will also help new learners with their transition to our school.