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Reading Competency

This area of the strategy is led by Miss M. Flynn. 

At Upton-by-Chester High School we recognise the importance and value of reading. Reading is not something that is confined to any one subject area. Reading is integral to every subject area. 

As such, we work hard to deliver a ‘reading rich’ curriculum, where learners are regularly treated to vocabulary rich texts that grow their understanding of the subjects that they study. This is achieved by all staff nurturing and motivating learners to read for purpose and pleasure, and by fostering a reading culture both within and beyond our school gates.

During their time at Upton-by-Chester High School, learners are given the opportunity to explore texts from a diverse range of authors, cultures, genres and time periods. In doing so, we strive not just to develop their reading skills, but also their cultural capital, giving them the skills necessary to shape the future.

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” – Frederick Douglass