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School Council

Learner voice is vital in ensuring that learners play a pivotal role in shaping the future of those at Upton-by-Chester High School.  There are numerous opportunities for the voice of our learning community to influence the direction of the school and positively impact on the lives of our learners.  The school council is vital in ensuring that the learners have a regular platform to enact change.  We believe that valuing the learner voice in school helps to ensure that the daily experiences, both inside and outside the classroom, are allowing learners to make the most of the opportunities available.  It allows them to become involved in the life of the school as a whole and thus encourages the personal and social development of all.

Learner representation through the School Council is integral to Learner Leadership. Representation of the views of both staff and learners is essential to ensure a complete understanding of the challenges and opportunities that arise for all stakeholders.

The School Council has representatives from each year group from 7-13.  Each form group elects school council members on a yearly basis.  The year council teams meet with their Head of Year on a half-termly basis.  During these meetings, the agenda items are set for the whole school council meeting.  Representatives from each year group will attend the whole school council meeting with the Senior Leadership team, together with any invited guests to ensure agenda points can be comprehensively discussed.  School council members are invited to complete the SSAT Student Leadership Accreditation, the student leadership accreditation process encourages and supports students to develop their skills to make a positive contribution to the school community and beyond.

Mr M. Rutter is the Director of Key Stage Four and has oversight of the School Council’s work working with Mrs L. Blackwell (Reprographics Manager and School Council Administrator).