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School Council

At Upton-by-Chester High School, we value the student voice and see it as an important means of communication between staff and students. We believe that valuing the student voice in school helps contribute towards students’ citizenship education. It allows them to become involved in the life of the school as a whole and thus encourages the personal and social development of all.

Tutors provide regular opportunities to facilitate discussions on any issues that affect students. These issues are then discussed with Learning Leaders at the Year Council Meetings. Members of our School Council are democratically elected on an annual basis. We have Year Council Meetings and School Council Meetings half termly. Our councils discuss and act upon issues related to learning, the environment and the community.

Recently we have discussed how students can help improve our school community, for instance a new water fountain was plumbed in the Drama Department which the Student Eco-Schools action team agreed to fund from their various fundraising activities. Also, bermuda shorts have been added to the uniform list and students have been consulted about the no-mobile phone policy.