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The Mental Health Support Team (MHST), school counsellor and the school nurse

The MHST and school nurse come into school regularly and provide a confidential service. We also have a school counsellor who works part-time in the school.This means that you can discuss personal information in confidence. They will not discuss your personal information with anyone else without your permission. This includes parents and teachers. They would only pass on your information in order to protect you or someone else from serious harm. Wherever possible they would discuss this with you first. Your Pastoral Manager can book an appointment for you to see one of these adults. The types of things you may want an appointment to discuss could be:
Health and Well-Being
Healthy Eating
Physical Health
Peer Pressure
Stopping Smoking
Mental Health and Wellbeing
Anger Management/Stress
Media Safety
Sexual Health
Signposting to Specialist Services
Family Relationships

Mental Health Support information from Healthbox

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