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We know that appearance matters and that uniform and smart dress are an important aspect of setting and maintaining high standards. The school uniform has been the product of widespread consultation and been approved by the Governors. It is important that the uniform is smart, simple, easily understood and easily available. Our uniform policy complies with guidance from the Office of Fair Trading.

Governors review the school uniform annually.

Uniformity Letter 2021

School Uniform  

Standard cut school blazer, to be worn at all times.

School Badge###

Hall Braid###

Black, plain with school badge on chest pocket.

Hall Braid on top of the pocket.

All students can choose any type of blazer - double or single vented.

School tie## (clip on)  

Standard cut shirt/blouse


Short or long sleeves. White - tucked in.

Not fitted or 3/4 length sleeve.

Jumper (optional), with or without sleeves. Black V-neck, plain. No logos.
None of the following: cardigans; patterned/striped or coloured jumpers or hoodies.
Trousers/Skirts/Tailored Shorts


Black, plain, knee length skirt

Regular cut trousers  

Black tailored shorts####
None of the following: stretchable, skin tight, low cut or boot-leg trousers.
Midriff should not be visible.
No denim.

Socks/Tights Plain black tights or plain black socks below the knee.
Shoes - photographic guidelines are here. Formal black and polishable.
None of the following footwear:
stiletto; high heeled; open backed; sandals; sports; canvas; boots.
Outside coat Plain and dark. No hoodies. School sweatshirts for PE only.

PE and Games


Light blue polo shirt ###

Black SKORT### or Black shorts
Long black socks for outdoor sports###
Trainers (non-marking)

Football boots (only moulded studs or firm ground plastic studs)

Multi-Sport Shirt with school logo####

Shin Pads

Gumshield (these can be purchased from the PE. Dept.)

Optional Black sweatshirt with school logo#### 

## available from school and/or Uniformity Clothing Ltd  

### available from Uniformity Clothing Ltd but plain non logo alternatives are acceptable  

#### only available from Uniformity Clothing Ltd  

Obtaining the Uniform

The majority of the uniform is available from a variety of shops with the following exceptions:

School badges, ties & hall braids: school ties, badges and braid for you to sew on to the blazer are also available from Uniformity Clothing Ltd, who also stock good quality blazers which already have the badge and braid professionally embroidered.

Multi Sport Shirt for P.E. can be purchased from Uniformity Clothing Ltd.

Uniformity Clothing Ltd's website, including their online shop, can be found here A guide to purchasing from Uniformity Clothing Ltd can be found here.

Other Aspects of Uniform

There are other important aspects parents/carers need to be aware of:

For health and safety reasons, rings, bracelets and necklaces must not be worn. One small single gold or silver plain stud in each ear lobe is permitted. Studs in other parts of the ear, eyebrow, tongue, nose, lips, navel or any other body piercing is not permitted. Students will be asked to remove them whilst at school. We will not accept the argument that jewellery has to be kept in on medical grounds. Our advice is that the pierced hole can remain open during the school day without any adverse effects.

Make-up and hair
We recognise and understand that young people want to wear some make-up: it shows they are taking a pride in their appearance. For students in Years 7 and 8 make-up is not permitted. For students in Year 9 onwards, light and natural looking make-up is permissible. However, eye shadow, eye-liner, lipstick, nail varnish and acrylic nails are not permitted. Excessive or inappropriate make-up is not acceptable. The school will insist that make-up is removed if it is felt that this privilege is being abused. We all want and expect a common sense and mature approach on this issue.

Brightly dyed hair (e.g. purple, green, pink, blue etc) and extreme hairstyles (like patterns cut in the hair) are not permitted. However, exceptions may be made as a result of regular religious or cultural requirements. All long hair should be tied back for health & safety reasons where deemed necessary in school.

There is a current trend for students to have the sides of their heads shaved and leave the hair on top quite long. Due to the excessive variation in lengths, we class this as an extreme hairstyle and studentss should not attend school with their hair cut in this style. Our school policy has always been that hair should not be cut less than a number 2 and we ask that you use this as a guide when your child attends the hairdressers.


Headscarves and Turbans
These may be worn provided they are part of a student’s regular religious and cultural requirements. The kara may be worn by Sikhs.

Thank you for your support in maintaining our high standard of school uniform.