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Year 8 Showcase

Year 8 Dance – Dance

Pencil Full of Lead by Paolo Nutini - Isabella Dorricott

Year 8 Drama – Our Day Out by Willy Russell

Our Day Out, Willy Russell’s much-loved play about poor children from Liverpool, proved so popular after being shown on TV in 1977 that it was converted into a full-length stage musical. Its themes of living with a lack of education and opportunity and suffering social deprivation are as pertinent today as when it was written. When Mrs Kay’s ‘Progress Class’ are unleashed for a much-anticipated day’s coach trip to Conwy Castle in Wales, the class can’t wait to get away from the confines of school for a day of mucking about with mates. But sometimes the beauty of a place far removed from the reality of a life lived on the edge of poverty, only acts as a reminder of the empty future that awaits back home. This is compounded by a Deputy head teacher, Mr Briggs who believes the only way to educate children is to shout at them and fails to grasp the world these children come from.
Les: Drew Shone
Carol: Emily Middleditch
Andrews: Drew Shone
Carol: Emily Middleditch
Mr. Briggs: Tom Campbell
Mrs. Kay: Tabitha Fennell

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