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Year 6 to Year 7 Information Letter 09.07.21

Dear Year 6 Parents and Carers,

I hope this letter finds you well and looking forwards to the summer break.  I just wanted to inform and update you on two more items we are putting in place to assist with the transition to Upton-by-Chester High School for your child in September.  I also wish to clarify an issue which has arisen regarding PE kit for next year.

If you have already accessed the Uniformity website (for which there is a link on the school website) you will have discovered that there are some new, or adjusted, items of PE kit.  These include:

  • a new style sky blue polo shirt for boys and girls
  • a new style burgundy rugby top for the boys
  • an optional black sweater to replace the use of the currently worn optional blue fleece.

It is our intention that all new Year 7 learners should wear the new items of PE kit, so we encourage parents to purchase these items and not those which have previously been for sale.  The Uniformity website itself states that new Year 7 learners are excluded from purchasing the older style items.  If you have recently purchased one of the older styles of the items listed above, then you might want to try to return any such items to Uniformity.  Exchanging these items, or providing a refund, would be at their discretion and would likely require the label and receipt for proof of purchase.

However, we also appreciate that for whatever reason this might not be possible, or that your intention might be to make further use of an item purchased for an older sibling.  This may be because an item was rarely worn by the older sibling, or to use as a spare should the new item need time to be washed at home and brought back into circulation between PE lessons and sports fixtures.

Given this is the case, we are still happy for the older style items to be used during the new academic year.  Our intention is for all previous versions of the PE kit to be phased out during the coming year and for only the new styles to be worn thereafter.

I hope that this has clarified the situation.

New Intake Parents' Evening Presentation, Tuesday 13th July

Traditionally this would be a face-to-face event, with parents and carers visiting the school during the evening.  As with many other events in the past year or so, this one will be delivered on-line.

In the late afternoon of Tuesday 13th July, we will post this recorded presentation in the Transition section of the school website.  The presentation will be available to view all summer and will cover issues you will need to be aware of before your child starts at Upton-by-Chester High School, including uniform, equipment and attendance.  The presentation will also cover matters such as purchasing school lunches, home-school communication and the school's PTA.

If you have any questions arising from the presentation, then please feel free to contact myself or Miss Bardsley on the Transition email address: or your child's form tutor, whose school email address should now have been shared with you.

Meet The Tutor Evening, Wednesday 14th July, 6.00pm-6.30pm

As we were unable to hold our intended Transition Day for our new Year 7 learners, we have instead arranged an on-line meeting with our tutors.  This meeting will be held via GoogleMeet with parents and carers being sent a link by their child's form tutor so that your child can access the event.

In the meeting itself we are happy that cameras and microphones are turned on if they can be, although we appreciate that some children may be unable or unwilling to do so.  We will be using a messaging tool so that your child can communicate responses and ask questions during the session.  This will be explained to your child by the tutor at the time of the meeting.

The link for the meeting will be posted to parents by email no later than Tuesday 13th July, for use the following day.

I hope that you find both of these communication points useful and have an enjoyable and restful summer.  We look forward to receiving your child on Friday 3rd September as they begin their time as a member of Upton-by-Chester High School.

Yours sincerely,

Mr S Wearden,

Head of Year 7, 2021-22.